Housing Project, Bodrum, Turkey Site planning and landscape design for a large second home housing development in Bodrum Turkey.  The site plan utilized the steep slopes and the internal layout of the houses to maximize views toward the sea for most of the units.  The views were enhanced by the location of small private and large public pools, which offered a feeling of an abundance of water as well as visually reflecting the immediate surroundings. The landscape plan provided for maintaining the main drainage system and ephemeral water ways along with the protecting existing vegetation and plantings of native plants.  It incorporated the existing olive groves as open space, minimized the use of lawns and used green-wall planting to increase privacy.  It also proposed large- scale plantings of native evergreens and deciduous trees along the access roads. In association with:  Michael Sorkin, planner/architect.
Housing Bodrum, Turkey
Achva Benzinberg Stein, FASLA 2019
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