Riva Resort, Riva, Turkey  Seven villages, each with about six thousand residents, compactly designed at the scale of urban neighborhoods, each with its own center and pedestrian and transit accessible commercial, educational, recreational and energy facilities.  Parking at the entry permits visitors to leave their cars for the duration of their stays. Existing drainage systems are maintained and enhanced providing for natural management of run-off.  Green corridors span the site strengthening habitat for local fauna and flora. Hilltops are protected from building and the ravines from intrusion by circulation while networks of green areas are maintained throughout the site.  Waste is treated and managed on site, along with extensive local recycling and regulation of solid waste.  Constructed wetlands will help clean the river's edge. A portion of the energy will be generated on site along with measures to minimize its consumption and a proposed offshore wind farm and a biomass farm.  Buildings will be equipped with photovoltaic generators and solar hot- water heaters.  Sensible orientation and construction will reduce demand by individual structures. In association with: Michael Sorkin and Terreform
Master Plans Riva Resort, Riva, Turkey
Achva Benzinberg Stein, FASLA 2019
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